23 Things Online Teachers Need to Learn

1. How to use the CMS (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.)

2. How to write a syllabus (refer to institution requirements)
3. Instructional design (ADDIE, etc.)

4. How to create PowerPoint presentations

5. How to create Prezi presentations

6. How to use Jing

7. How to create podcasts

8. How to create videos

9. How to engage online students

10. How to motivate online students

11. How to ask effective questions

12. How to create a variety of assessments (quizzes, surveys, projects, tests, etc.)

13. How to use Skype

14. How to use Elluminate

15. Academic integrity

16. Copyright laws and guidelines

17. How to combat online cheating (Exam Guard, Digital Proctor, etc.)

18. How to obtain feedback from students

19. How to use a computer (Maybe this should be listed first!)
20. How to create rubrics

21. How to use a grading system

22. How to use social media for academic purposes (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)

23. How to NOT be online 24/7 (Good luck!)

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